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Younger sister addicted to drugs


Hey, my sister is in her mid-twenties and is doing her graduation right now. She used to hang out with her friends while she was at school. Somehow, she got into bad friendship. Now, she is addicted to drugs.
When I questioned her about this, she told me that she started using Cannabis at the age of 19. She continued to do that regularly since then and smokes cannabis almost all time. She says that it will help to enhance her creativity.
I think she has entered into a state of addiction. She has also recognized it and is willing to have a lifestyle change. I tried to deviate her mind to several other productive things like gardening or cooking. However hard I tried, she will finally end up smoking cannabis before going to bed.
One of my cousins had drug addiction treatment from Toronto and he is doing good. I have the thought of giving my sister the same treatment. Do girls undergo drug addiction treatments? What will be the treatment like? Is there anybody over here who have undergone addiction treatment before? Please give some genuine replies and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

I'm sorry your sister is having a drug issue, but in my experience, you can't force anyone to quit. They must want to quit themselves. Also, cannabis isn't that bad so it's not like her life is in an immediate danger.


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